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Whether you are an experienced Blockchain technologist or new to the space - RocketFuel Education makes learning Web3 a breeze.

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$1.7 Trillion

The combined value of all Web3 projects is $1.7T.

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$2.3 Billion

Venture Capital firms invest roughly $2.3 Billion per quarter into Blockchain startups.

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Join a thriving community of over 10,000 RocketFuelers. Collaborate, share experiences, and grow together. RocketFuel is not just a platform; it's a family of Web3 enthusiasts.

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25% increase

in business success and networking opportunities when working in a collaborative environment.

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Accelerate your progress with Jeff Wang as your coach and a dedicated Mastermind group by your side.

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Only 1% of RocketFuel Coaching members canceled in the previous year.

You have questions, we have answers.
I am interested but don't know anything about Crypto or Blockchain! Is the program suitable for beginners?
Absolutely! RocketFuel was originally created to help explain transformative technologies like Crypto and Blockchain to non-technical people. Our program is designed to meet members wherever they are on their journey. We have a “beginner” video section and a “beginner” chat group with dedicated moderators to help get you started.
Is crypto a scam? My uncle on Facebook says it’s a scam.
The Crypto industry has a $1.7 TRILLION combined market value. This is a massive industry that currently lacks the necessary regulations that we see in other industries of equivalent size. Within this industry, there are legitimate companies, creating and capturing tremendous value. There are world-class investors like Andreessen Horowitz, investing Billions of dollars into these companies. There are also scammers and bad actors which give the industry a bad name. We believe the current state of crypto is similar to the early dot com era of the internet. Many companies will fail. Some will grow to be household brands. Our goal as a community is to try to separate the good projects from the bad projects.
Should I invest in bitcoin?
We’ll teach you how to answer that question for yourself! Join a free trial now.
What’s included in the Coaching program?
RocketFuel Coaching is our best program. In addition to the educational videos, weekly analysis videos, monthly reports, and Telegram group access included in the Starter and Premium memberships, Rocketfuel Coaching includes weekly live calls with Jeff and exclusive access to the Coaching mastermind Telegram group. This mastermind group includes successful investors, analysts, and students who are ready to take their investing to another level.
What makes Elite Coaching worth the $997/year price?
1. Time - Many Elite Coaching members choose the program because they can condense a week of news and insights into a one-hour call per week. Others are new to Crypto and want to ramp at a much quicker pace. 2. Accessibility - Coaching members have direct access to Jeff and his team on a daily basis. The mastermind group is available to coaching members 24/7. 3. Accountability - With accessibility comes accountability. The coaching mastermind group keeps members accountable and improves the likelihood of success.
I was a RocketFuel member a few years ago and I’m interested in rejoining the program. What’s this new version of RocketFuel?
In 2023, we launched RocketFuel V2 which included a redesign of the member dashboard, push notifications, real-time portfolio tracker, searchable content, member perks, and more. We also launched the RocketFuel mobile app for iOS and Android. For those members who were with us prior to 2022, the platform has come a long way since we were on click funnels.
Do members learn about research techniques and technical analysis?
Yes, we teach technical analysis. However, ours is a more holistic approach to assessing projects.
Do you guys teach how to short cryptos?
Yes, we teach strategies for shorting cryptos. In the “portfolio” section of the dashboard, we post our monthly Top 5 shorts.
Do you teach long-term or short-term trading strategies?
We teach both. Our emphasis is not on day trading but our approach reflects the volatile nature of technology investing. We provide the information so that you can make your own investment decisions based on your situation.
I want to join the Elite Coaching program but is there an option to pay monthly?
Yup! We now have a monthly membership plan for the Coaching program. Give it a try. Call or text us if you have any questions about Coaching (480) 719-0890. [email protected] .
When is your content posted?
Our monthly report (30-40 pages) is posted on the first day of each month. Our analysis videos are posted every Tuesday morning. The coaching calls are every Tuesday morning. The Telegram group chats are 24/7. Push notifications ensure that you’re informed whenever new content is posted.
What’s included in a RocketFuel membership?
The Starter program includes the educational videos (beginner and advanced), the monthly report, weekly analysis videos, 24/7 group chat (beginner and advanced) with Jeff and the moderators. It also includes the tools, perks, and portfolio sections of the dashboard as well as the iOS and Android app. Coaching includes all of those things plus a weekly call with Jeff and a private mastermind group chat with Jeff.
Is this for beginner, intermediate, or advanced crypto students?
RocketFuel was designed to meet each student wherever they are in their web3 journey. We have videos, tools, chat groups, and a supportive team to help make learning a breeze for beginners. We have advanced groups and reporting for more seasoned members.
What day/time are the coaching sessions with Jeff offered?
Currently, our coaching calls are at 9 am PST. This changes periodically to accommodate our members in other parts of the world. All sessions are recorded and available to Coaching Members inside the member dashboard.
I live in (Nepal, China, Ghana, India, South Africa, Albania, Colombia, Brazil, Egypt, etc etc). Do you have members in my country?
We have students in over 110 countries. From Australia to Ghana, Romania to Egypt, Russia to China, Afghanistan to Colombia, Brazil to Iceland, etc etc. Our diverse community of smart, supportive, and insightful members is what makes RocketFuel an invaluable resource.
Will my employer pay for my membership and courses?
Maybe! Some employers will cover the cost of a RocketFuel membership. For those students who receive reimbursement from their employers, we gladly provide receipts and invoices. Ask your employer today!
I am from India and my bank does not allow monthly billing. How can I join?
Email us! We’ll send you a link for the one-time payment to get started. [email protected]
The amount of information in crypto is overwhelming! Where can I find the list of what you’re buying?
We condense countless hours of research into content that can be consumed in minutes. We do regularly post what we are buying BUT our mission is to educate you on how to make informed decisions that match your situation. Please do your own research.
What are the requirements to join?
Our mission has always been to teach everyone about the transformative potential of blockchain and crypto. As a result, there are no prerequisites to join RocketFuel. You do not need an engineering degree or MBA like Jeff. BUT, like any other form of education, you must invest time into learning. The minimum recommended time commitment would be 1 hour per week.
Do you have a money back guarantee?
We do not have a money back guarantee but we do offer a 7-day free trial. For real. If you don’t love the program, then email us and we’ll cancel before you are charged. [email protected]
Where are you located?
USA. Jeff and Julio are in San Francisco. Steve is in Phoenix. Jim is in New York. Vlad is in Portland.
Are you guys really affiliated with Robert Kiyosaki and the Rich Dad brand?
Yes, we’ve known Robert and the Rich Dad team for almost 15 years. We started this program specifically to help teach Robert’s audience about blockchain. We operate the official Rich Dad Crypto program as well as RocketFuel.
Why is my card required for a free trial?
Currently, there is no freemium version of our program. During a free trial, new members experience an all-access level of resources and support, just like members who pay $47-$197/mo. The card on file simply allows us to limit the number of free trials to one per person. We do not charge your card if you cancel. We do not sell your data. All card info is collected securely by Stripe or PayPal.
Is it safe to use my card on your website?
Absolutely! Our website is secure. We use Stripe and PayPal to collect the card information. We’re a US-based company that has been in business for 6 years. You can call, text or email us directly with any concerns (preferably before 10pm PST on week nights). (480) 719-0890
I still have questions. How can I speak with someone at RocketFuel?
You can call, text or email us directly with any concerns (preferably before 10pm PST on week nights). (480) 719-0890. [email protected]
I’m a current member. How do I update my membership to a higher tier?
In your member dashboard, click your image icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Click “Profile” and then click the “Update Plan” tab. Still need help? Call or text us! (480) 719-0898
How do I update my payment info?
In your member dashboard, click your image icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Click “Profile” and then click the “Billing” tab. Still need help? [email protected]
Do you have an affiliate program?
Yup! We love our affiliate partners and our payouts are among the highest in the industry. We’re able to pay the highest affiliate commissions because our members stay with us for over 18 months on average. So it’s a true win-win-win for the affiliate, RocketFuel, and most importantly for the new member. We are highly selective when it comes to affiliates. Please contact us. [email protected]
My company wants to work with RocketFuel. Are you open to partnership opportunities?
Of course! Whether you’re a publisher, brand, or influencer interested in working with RocketFuel, we’d love to speak with you. We are, however, selective when it comes to collaborations. Please inquire.
Are there any external reviews of RocketFuel that I can check out?
Yup! Benzinga.com did a review here.

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How will the charges appear on my bank statement?
The charge will typically appear as "Rocketfuel Edu". Please note: We are NOT "Rocket Money". We are NOT "Rocketfuel Blockchain".
Are you the same as Rocketfuel Blockchain?
Nope! We provide education, analysis, and community support for Web3 enthusiasts. "Rocketfuel Blockchain" provides payment processing solutions. Similar name but different businesses.